October 18–22, 2017
11, Rue Beranger
75003 Paris

The third edition of Paris Internationale will continue the effort to support a young generation of galleries and their artists. The fair will adhere to the spirit of the first two editions, but will see a complete departure from their aesthetic by exchanging the ornate settings of the hôtels particuliers on Avenue d’Iéna for a converted multi–storey car park in the Haut–Marais that housed the headquarters of Libération, a newspaper co-founded by Jean-Paul Sartre in 1973 in the wake of the Paris protest movements of May 1968, for almost thirty years.

In this context, that will resonate with current challenges to journalism and urban development, Paris Internationale will welcome 55 galleries as well as eight project spaces from 17 countries. Responding to the current climate of art fairs in regard to artistic production and reception, Paris Internationale is a joint initiative from five emerging galleries – Crèvecoeur, High Art, Antoine Levi, Sultana and Gregor Staiger – as a collective attempt to develop an appropriate model for fostering new advanced initiatives in contemporary art.

Exhibitors 2017


TALKS — The Cheapest University

On the occasion of Paris Internationale, The Cheapest University proposes a new curriculum titled, "What’s in my Bag...?". Inspired by the eponymous Youtube channel, this program, which will focus on the problem of the narration of the self, was driven by the current security-driven political climate in which bags of citizens are systematically inspected. T.C.U. will invite artists and non-profit spaces to engage publicly within Paris Internationale for the duration of the fair.

Organized as an amalgamation of lectures, performances and public conferences, What’s in my Bag...? will take part over five days, from October 18th until October 22nd in an attempt to generate inquiry and ignite a collective reflection. With the participation of: Tina Braegger and John Beeson (in collaboration with Shanaynay), Heike-Karin Foell and Cathrin Mayer (in collaboration with Tonus), Mélanie Matranga and Zaltan (Antinote), David Noonan (in collaboration with Caro Sposo), Teddy Coste (in collaboration with Treize), Mai-Thu Perret and Sumesh Sharma, Dominique Hurth, Casey Jane Ellison, Clara Pacotte and Roxanne Maillet, Cally Spooner with Michelangelo Miccolis, Paul Bonnet and Nathan Roche, Eva Barto and François Lancien-Guilberteau, and Matthieu Brion.

Wednesday, October 18

Tina Braegger with John Beeson
Talk in collaboration with Shanaynay

Ma line
Heike-Karin Foell and Cathrin Mayer
Talk in collaboration with Tonus

Mélanie Matranga and Zaltan (Antinote)
DJ set & cocktails

Thursday, October 19

David Noonan
Talk in collaboration with Caro Sposo

Dress for the job you want not the one you have
Teddy Coste
Performance in collaboration with Treize

Mai-Thu Perret and Sumesh Sharma

Friday, October 20

All day long
Clara Pacotte, Roxane Maillet, Mélanie Blaison, Matthieu Brion, … Workshops and lectures
Saturday, October 21

Séance de lecture
Dominique Hurth
Performance followed by a discussion

Casey Jane Ellison

Clara Pacotte and Roxanne Maillet
Insurrectional readings

Sunday, October 22

United In Stomach Flu
Cally Spooner with Michelangelo Miccolis

Paul Bonnet and Nathan Roche

Eva Barto and François Lancien-Guilberteau


From its inaugural edition, Paris Internationale has supported the major contribution of non-profit spaces by inviting them free of charge to take part in the fair. This year Paris Internationale will welcome eight Parisian non-profits to promote and celebrate their often fragile existence.

In Paris, these structures constitute the avant-garde of our local art scene and play an active and engaged role in the city’s dynamic complexity. Paris Internationale wishes to acknowledge this engagement by inviting eight Parisian spaces – Caro Sposo, Goton, Sans Titre (2016), Section 7 Books, Shanaynay, The Cheapest University, Tonus, Treize – to exhibit at the very center of the fair, along the spiral ramp which in essence acts as the spinal column of the building.


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