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Spike Talks: Knowing the Now

Knowing the Now:
Emily Segal & Alessandro Bava

… will discuss the intersection of fashion and art and reflect on organisations such as K-HOLE and Bava & Sons, their adoption of corporate models, and the function of a vision of the future as the basis for their work – reflecting on the ways in which contemporaneity itself provides a motive for action.

Alessandro Bava is an artist, architect, and editor. In 2014 he founded Bava and Sons, a design practice working on architecture projects, cultural commissions, and research. He is also co-founder of ÅYR, an art collective which explores the post-internet evolution of domesticity and the home.

Emily Segal is an artist and brand consultant based in New York. She is a co-founder of the trend forecasting group and art collective K-HOLE.

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