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Daily Dérive, Oct 20

Daily Dérive
Wednesday 4pm

is a museum director, curator, and writer. He is the current director of the MAH Musée d’art et d’histoire in Geneva. He is the former director of the MSU Broad Museum at Michigan State University, former director of Palais de Tokyo, Paris, former director of Swiss Institutein New York, founding director of CAN in Neuchâtel, founding editor of PALAIS / Magazine, and co-founder of the Tokyo Art Club in Paris.
As director of the MSU Broad museum he organized around 30 exhibitions a year, among them solo presentations of seminal figures such as Mike Kelley, Jim Shaw, David Lamelas, and Michel Parmentier. He founded a new project: the Art Lab, a collaborative and community-oriented venue.
He also founded in 2012 the Chalet Society, producing contemporary art exhibitions in a former school building in central Paris, including outsider artists, young emerging artists as well as international stars.
During the last 25 years, Marc-Olivier Wahler has organized over 400 exhibitions. As a writer and art critic, he regularly writes on contemporary art in international magazines and academic books.

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