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Le Thiof

Le Thiof

Like many countries from Africa, the senegalese government has passed an agreement on fishing with the European Union in the 1970s. With the arrival of trawler boats that pick up everything at sea, the old senegalese fisherman, with its traditional fishing methods can no longer find something suitable for himself in this blue desert where living species disappear.

The fish shortage affects every economic activity from that industry, forcing people towards an urban exodus, or at worst, to take the pirogue towards Europe. This performance displays a senegalese man fishing Camembert (a French cheese) in European waters.

Mbaye Diop (b.1981, Richard Toll, Senegal) a Beaux-Arts of Dakar graduate, formerly, a visual art teacher in Saint Louis, is currently pursuing a masters in contemporary artistic practice at the Head School of Geneva in Switzerland. He has an interdisciplinary practice and uses the medium of performance, video, installation and drawings with essentially black and white renderings. He had multiple solo exhibitions namely at Centre Culturel Blaise Senghor (Dakar) and Skopia Gallery (Geneva). He is in the official selection of the Dakar Biennial in 2022

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