Paris Internationale - © Paris Internationale
Nika Kutateladze, Untitled, 2021, Oil on Grounded Lime Wood, 27x23 cm - © Gallery Artbeat, Paris Internationale
Nika Kutateladze
Nika Kutateladze, Untitled, 2021, Oil on Grounded Lime Wood, 27x23 cm

Expressive forms of Nika Kutateladze varies according to its contextual, environmental and spatial specificities. Artist mainly speaks about traits to different situations and concentrates influences of daily life on environment. In Kutateladze’s site specific, immersive installations various architectural works are connected to contemporary and historic contexts.

In his painting series often may be seen architectural details, which could be integrated in picture itself or highlight connection to architectural spaces by its constructive frames of painterly art work. In his art work series either art installation or painterly medium speaks about the daily life of a dying mountainous village in Guria. Author somehow translates history of architectural landscape, daily rituals and environment into visual language.

Each of his depicted objects seems to be freezed in time, functionless and dramatic. In order to achieve this timelessness effect artist often refers to compositional schemes of Georgian medieval iconography. In general artist uses different methods and references to express far broader problems, which have been permanent for the last decades in Georgia.

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