Paris Internationale - © Paris Internationale
Salome Chigilashvili, Untitled, 2021, Thread, Watercolor on Paper, 170x100 cm - © Gallery Artbeat, Paris Internationale
Salome Chigilashvili
Salome Chigilashvili, Untitled, 2021, Thread, Watercolor on Paper, 170x100 cm

Salome Chigilashvili’s art carries clear sign of conceptual minimalism and is made in wide range of mixed medias. It can be easily recognized in small and medium sized art objects tactile and coloristic effects. Artist achieves this result by experimenting of embroidered tissues with different types of mediums: plaster, stone or even ice. At the end we perceive colorful massive patches, which catches observer’s eye momentarily.

Georgian embroidery and patterns are often seen in Salome Chigilashvili’s art works. She frequently makes references to traditional Georgian embroidery methods and tries to transform them as narratives. By making of simple colorful threads she tries to study tradition of Georgian embroidery technique and show it in new context.

Artworks of Chigilashvili provoke feministic discourse and can be read as referent to historic story of embroider women. This social routine determined economic state of country many centuries ago.

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