Paris Internationale - © Paris Internationale
Bold Head With Tongue (1) - © Paris Internationale
Andrea Éva Győri
Bold Head With Tongue (1), 2019

Pencil and gouache on paper
29.7 x 42 cm

In Andrea Éva Győri’s recent paintings and drawings we see little red creatures, sticking fingers and tongues in genitals, touching and licking each other with closed eyes. Instead of an observer, as in her earlier drawings, the artist is the main instigator, creating a personal fantasy, little devils who won’t let each other loose and demonizing a larger body. In some drawings the body is replaced by a bald head, eyes open, tongue sticking out. The creatures are on a sexual expedition, a hilarious procession discovering and exploring the body. An abstract ‘eye’ is part of the same being and watching. These obsessively drawn up sketches form together a visual diary.

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