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Cherish - © Paris Internationale

Cherish is a project space in Geneva founded and run by Mohamed Almusibli, James Bantone, Thomas Liu Le Lann and Ser Serpas from their shared living space. The space occupies a rather dormant, figuratively homely and quaint domicile both in its architecture and planning as a family home. Cherish subverts this common narrative by hosting and showcasing work that has been tokenized and is accustomed to functioning as an afterthought of institutional structures in Switzerland and abroad. It aims to provide an alternative space of production to the artists invited and hosted.

Route de Saint-Georges 51
1213 Petit-Lancy, Geneva

For Cherish’ first participation at Paris Internationale we are presenting works by PZ Opassuksatit and Jasmine Gregory.

Cherish - © Paris Internationale

Jasmine Gregory is interested in painting’s role in the digital era. Saturated with various historical and visual references related to the medium, she inverses conventional usages in order to integrate her contemporary perspective.

In her works the brush strokes are visible traces of the emotions that traverse her and further give rise to images that resist technical reproducibility through their singularity and materiality. Born in the United States, Jasmine Gregory lives and works between Zurich and Berlin.
Her work was shown at Les Urbaines in Lausanne and at the Kunsthalle Zurich among others.
Upcoming exhibitions include a solo presentation at Karma International, Zurich.

Cherish - © Paris Internationale
Cherish - © Paris Internationale
One of the Boys - © Paris Internationale
Jasmine Gregory
One of the Boys, 2019

200 x 190cm
oil on linen

I'm so happy I could... shit! - © Paris Internationale
Jasmine Gregory
I’m so happy I could… shit!, 2019

oil on canvas

Warshed UP - © Paris Internationale
Jasmine Gregory
Warshed UP, 2020

oil on linen

Thinking of You - © Paris Internationale
Jasmine Gregory
Thinking of You, 2019

oil on canvas

Messy Feelings - © Paris Internationale
Jasmine Gregory
Messy Feelings, 2020

oil on linen


more informations on the toilet seat cover scarf on:

PZ Opassuksatit is a Thaï-born artist and designer based in Paris. She is the founder of PZtoday, an experimental laboratory specialized in image design,

art direction, visual merchandising, object design and concept selling. Her work was shown in different locations from the Trading Museum Comme des Garçons in Paris to Dover Street Market in Tokyo. She collaborated with numerous brands such as Rombaut and Helmut Lang among others.
She published two books PZWORLD and PZWORLD Wedding Edition in collaboration with IDEA.
Her presentation with the Geneva art space Cherish revolves around a toilet seat cover scarf she produced in collaboration with Australian designer Blake Barns.

The Toilet Man - © Paris Internationale
PZ Opassuksatit
The Toilet Man, 2020

Various materials

Urinal Line - © Paris Internationale
PZ Opassuksatit
Urinal Line, 2019

set of 7 mannequins, clothes
variable dimensions

The Life of a Toilet - © Paris Internationale
PZ Opassuksatit
The Life of a Toilet, 2020

VDO Documentary + dispenser frame

Couples caught: more on

Cherish - © Paris Internationale

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