Paris Internationale - © Paris Internationale
Flo Kasearu "Fragile Cut", 2020 - © Paris Internationale
Temnikova & Kasela

Temnikova & Kasela gallery was established in 2010 by Olga Temnikova and Indrek Kasela.
The gallery provides local and international professional representation for established and emerging artists from the region including Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Russia.
Temnikova & Kasela has been presenting a regular exhibition program in its Tallinn space, working closely with artists and collectors, and playing an active role in regional and international art scenes. The gallery has previously participated at Basel Art Fair, Frieze, The Armory Show, Cosmoscow, LISTE Art Fair, Paris Internationale and NADA Miami Beach, among others.

Peetri 12, 10415, Tallinn, Estonia

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Flo Kasearu’s artist talk for Paris Internationale 2020

Flo Kasearu (1985) is an artist whose activity-based art practices work through video, photography, painting and installation. Her works are seasonal and explorative, dissecting problems at a grassroots level and dealing with topics such as freedom, patriotism and nationalism, domestic violence, and the tension between public and private spaces. Often working in a fast and reactionary way, Flo reacts to different social processes with a refined sense of humour, as well as often elevating seemingly mundane biographical events into works of art.


Interactive 3D space of Flo Kasearu’s Backyard for Paris Internationale 2020

Fears Of A Museum Director - © Paris Internationale
Flo Kasearu
Fears Of A Museum Director, 2014

Pencil, paper, framed, 65x50 cm

Startup - © Paris Internationale
Flo Kasearu
Startup, 2018

plexiglass, stone, clay, linoleum, 25x20x10 cm

Uprising - © Paris Internationale
Flo Kasearu
Uprising, 2015

metal, aluminum, framed, 53x72 cm

Portrait of the Living Artist - © Paris Internationale
Flo Kasearu
Portrait of the Living Artist, 2012

plaster cast, seeds, 36x17x22 cm

Standby - © Paris Internationale
Flo Kasearu
Standby, 2020

rubber boots, firefighter pants, 37x50x65 cm

Fragile Cut - © Paris Internationale
Flo Kasearu
Fragile Cut, 2020

plaster sculptures, framed, 36x51 cm

Flo Kasearu "Thaw" - © Paris Internationale
Flo Kasearu
Flo Kasearu “Thaw”, 2020

ceramic sculptures, framed, 38x53 cm

Sprout - © Paris Internationale
Flo Kasearu
Sprout, 2018

Leather, metal, wood, 200x100x50 cm

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