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Koppe Astner

From the onset Koppe Astner has been interested in the queer and female voices of their generation. Historically, these voices have been overshadowed and creating a space where artists can relate narratives of personal experience to larger social issues, gender politics, art history and popular culture has been the gallery’s driving objective.

36—38 Coburg Street
Glasgow, G5 9JF

Laura Aldridge
Miguel Cardenas
Dickon Drury
Josh Faught
Michael Fullerton
Ella Kruglyanskaya
Kris Lemsalu
Craig Mulholland
Charlotte Prodger
Corin Sworn


b. 1978, Frimley
Lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland

Koppe Astner - © Paris Internationale

Aldridge incorporates a vast range of materials into a sculptural practice she describes as an expanded form of collage. With an emphasis on the intuitive process of making, her works address the double-bind of subjectivity versus objectivity and viewing versus participating. Notions of finality and display are detabilised through objects that invoke the impulse to touch. This is the intersection at which Aldridge allows the intuitive and the sensory to unfold.

Aldridge has curated an exhibition of her own sculptures alongside works by Leanne Ross and Judith Scott to take place at Koppe Astner in April 2021. Recent solo exhibitions include: No Math Method, Curfew, Edinburgh (2019); What Noise is Garden?, Peles Empire, Berlin (2018); Go Woman Go!, British Council UK/NG, Abuja, Nigeria (2017); Inside all my activities, Koppe Astner, Glasgow (2016); One-to-another, One-to-one, Passerelle Centre D’Art Contemporain, Brest, France (2015); California wow! Tramway, Glasgow (2015). Recent group exhibitions include: I am a Dependent Object, Biennale of Contemporary Art Drno, Czech Republic (2019); Perceptions, National Museum, Montenegro; Gallery of Matica Srpska; National Gallery, Kosovo; Museum of Contemporary Art of Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Museum of Contemporary Art of Macedonia, Macedonia (2019).

ONE - © Paris Internationale
Laura Aldridge
ONE, 2020

Glazed stoneware, fabric, wood and dye

SEVEN - © Paris Internationale
Laura Aldridge
SEVEN, 2020

Glazed stoneware, wool and books

FIVE - © Paris Internationale
Laura Aldridge
FIVE, 2020

Glazed stoneware and fabric


b. 1973, Bogota
Lives and works between Bogota and New York.

Cardenas’ landscapes are painted from an impossible point of view - distant and near, alive and static, timeless and elusive. Rich depictions of flora and fauna are the backdrop of a stage upon which geometric archeological objects lie, a metaphysical reinterpretation of our familiar world. The figures that inhabit this world have human, animal and fantastical features, conveying the mimetic elements implicit in our fascination with a primal understanding of the world.

Cardenas will have a solo exhibition at Koppe Astner in 2021. Recent solo exhibitions include: CONDO, Koppe Astner at Metro Pictures, New York (2019); Oasis, La Balsa Medellín, Medellín (2018); Metamorfosis, La Balsa Arte, Bogotá (2017); Arqueologías del Futuro, Liberia Central Contemporánea, Bogotá (2016); El Museo Imaginario, LA Galería, Bogotá (2016). Recent group exhibitions include: Totems and Trophys, Proxyco, New York (2018); Obelisco 2018, SN Macarena, Bogotá (2018); Mutatis Mutandis, Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá, Sede Chapinero, Bogotá (2017); Fourth of All, Gericke Paffrath, Düsseldorf (2017).

Koppe Astner - © Paris Internationale
Orion's Gate - © Paris Internationale
Miguel Cardenas
Orion’s Gate, 2019

Oil on linen
61 x 75 cm

The Toys - © Paris Internationale
Miguel Cardenas
The Toys, 2019

Oil on linen
61 x 75 cm

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