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Paris Internationale 6: October 21—29

12 rue de Montyon, 75009 Paris

In 2020, Paris Internationale changed format to take the form of an exhibition in a vacant superette located in the centre of Paris. The exhibition was curated by Claire Le Restif.

In the wake of a global crisis that has considerably reduced access to art and disrupted meaningful exchange, Paris Internationale decided to embrace the many complexities of our present moment and face these challenges dynamically and with optimism. Owing to the flexibility and reactivity of our small structure, we quickly adapted to this new context and proposed a new format. Instead of the art fair, the 2020 edition of Paris Internationale took the form of an exhibition.

This year was also marked by a complete redesign of our website. In addition to SuperSalon, Paris Internationale hosted its first ever online edition, thus providing those who could not be present in person with an opportunity to share the experience. In addition to throughly documenting SuperSalon, we also gave each of our exhibiting galleries the possibility to present additional artworks and ample contextual material offering an additional window into the practices of the artists they work with.

Images List
Antoine Levi / Ciaccia Levi - © Paris Internationale
Antoine Levi / Ciaccia Levi
Bianca D’Alessandro - © Paris Internationale
Bianca D’Alessandro
Image by Diane Severin Ngyuen - © Paris Internationale
Capsule - © Paris Internationale
Carlos/Ishikawa - © Paris Internationale
Cherish - © Paris Internationale
Christian Andersen - © Paris Internationale
Christian Andersen
Crèvecœur - © Paris Internationale
Edouard Montassut - © Paris Internationale
Edouard Montassut
Ermes - Ermes - © Paris Internationale
Ermes - Ermes
Fanta-MLN - © Paris Internationale
FELIX GAUDLITZ - © Paris Internationale
FITZPATRICK GALLERY - © Paris Internationale
greengrassi - © Paris Internationale
Galerie Gregor Staiger - © Paris Internationale
Galerie Gregor Staiger
Hagiwara Projects - © Paris Internationale
Hagiwara Projects
Kayokoyuki - © Paris Internationale
Koppe Astner - © Paris Internationale
Koppe Astner
Galerie Max Mayer - © Paris Internationale
Galerie Max Mayer
Misako & Rosen - © Paris Internationale
Misako & Rosen
Norma Mangione - © Paris Internationale
Norma Mangione
Pauline Perplexe - © Paris Internationale
Pauline Perplexe
ROH Projects - © Paris Internationale
ROH Projects
Sans titre (2016) - © Paris Internationale
Sans titre (2016)
SISSI club - © Paris Internationale
SISSI club
Sultana - © Paris Internationale
Flo Kasearu "Fragile Cut", 2020 - © Paris Internationale
Temnikova & Kasela
Veda - © Paris Internationale
Installation image: (link: text: Patricia Kaersenhout, Objects of Love and Desire at Wilfried Lentz Rotterdam, 2019) - © Credits all images 
Photo: Tor Jonsson
Courtesy: Wilfried Lentz Rotterdam, Paris Internationale
Wilfried Lentz
Antoine Levi / Ciaccia Levi Bianca D’Alessandro Bureau Capsule Carlos/Ishikawa Cherish Christian Andersen Crèvecœur Edouard Montassut Ermes - Ermes Fanta-MLN FELIX GAUDLITZ FITZPATRICK GALLERY greengrassi Galerie Gregor Staiger Hagiwara Projects Kayokoyuki Koppe Astner Galerie Max Mayer Misako & Rosen Norma Mangione Pauline Perplexe ROH Projects Sans titre (2016) SISSI club Sultana Temnikova & Kasela Veda Wilfried Lentz
Online Walk-Through

Claudia Paetzold is presenting her highlights of this first online edition of Paris Internationale.

A graduate of the Sorbonne, Harvard and Christie’s Education, Ms. Paetzold, founder of CP Art Advisory Ltd., has been an art advisor for more than ten years, building private collections and foundations and providing consultancy services to a myriad of art organizations including Art Basel. In her curatorial projects she focuses on art as a catalyst for awareness and evolution, developing original concepts which integrate contemporary art, ancestral knowledge, technological innovation and applied sustainability and culminate in new ways of creating and experiencing art. Earlier this year she received the prestigious LCD Award for Best New Culture Destination of the Year 2020 in Latin America for the project SFER IK in Tulum, Mexico, for which she served as artistic director for two years.


Curated by renowned curator Claire Le Restif and titled SuperSalon, this exhibition replacing the usual fair, included a focused selection of works made by artists represented by our exhibitors. SuperSalon took place in a vacant superette in the centre of Paris, the title was chosen to evoke both the spirit of the 19th century Parisian art salons and the corner supermarket hosting the event.

This 6th edition welcomed 26 galleries hailing from 14 countries and 3 non-profit spaces.

Statement of the curator (in french/en français)

produced by Marc Beney-Sonier & TCQVAR

produit par Marc Beyney-Sonier & TCQVAR

Despite travel restrictions and strict sanitary protocols, we were fortunate to welcome over 4 000 visitors eager to experience art in person and thankful for our persistence. Paris Internationale 2020 was praised for its innovative and relevant approach by many journalists, art critics and curators, as well as museum directors.

Exhibiting Artists:

Laura Aldridge, Mathis Altmann, Noah Barker, Maximiliane Baumgartner, Camille Bernard, Jenna Bliss, Anne Bourse, Pia Camil, Miguel Cardenas, Mathis Collins, C&K (COBRA + Ken Kagami), Louis Fratino, Nicole Gravier, Huang Hai-Tsin, Maiko Jinushi, Steffen Jørgensen, Ana Jotta, Patricia Kaersenhout, Flo Kasearu, Maggie Lee, Davy Linggar, Eva Löfdahl, Olivier Millagou, Aditya Novali, Nobuhiko Nukata, Pz Opassuksatit, Hamish Pearch, Francesco Pedraglio, Pauline Perplexe, Christine Rebet, Joanne Robertson, Amitai Romm, Hikaru Suzuki & Franca Malfatti, Astrid Svangren, Daichi Takagi, Raphaela Vogel, Tanja Widmann, Zoe Williams, Issy Wood

2020 - © Paris Internationale
2020 - © Paris Internationale
2020 - © Paris Internationale
2020 - © Paris Internationale
2020 - © Paris Internationale
2020 - © Paris Internationale
2020 - © Paris Internationale
2020 - © Paris Internationale
2020 - © Paris Internationale
2020 - © Paris Internationale
2020 - © Paris Internationale
Guided Tours

On the occasion of its sixth edition, Paris Internationale has teamed up with Novembre and Flash Art to propose filmed guided tours and subjective insights on SuperSalon.

Highlights by Ingrid Luquet-Gad

(presented by Flash Art)

Guided Tour by Julia Marchand

(presented by Novembre)

Guided Tour by Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel (presented by Novembre)

(presented by Novembre)

Guided Tour by Jennifer Teets

(presented by Novembre)

Guided Tour by Fabienne Audéoud

(presented by Novembre)

Media Partners

Flash Art
Novembre Global

Technology Partner



Paris Internationale Board :
Galerie Antoine Levi, Paris
Galerie Crèvecoeur, Paris
Galerie Sultana, Paris
Galerie Gregor Staiger, Zurich

Co-Directors : Silvia Ammon, Clément Delépine
Assistant : Jade Mahrour
Design & Communication : Studio Marie Lusa
Legal Advice : Sibylle Loyrette

Special thanks to :
Marc Beney-Sonnier & TCQVAR, Lyne Delépine, Karen Le Marec, Claudia Paetzold and all the volunteers


Download the 2020 press kit in english or french and our press clippings here:

Press Kit (EN)
Dossier de Presse
Press Clippings
Press Excerpts

Paris Internationale has built a reputation for challenging the conventional art-fair model.


Paris Internationale réinvente la foire d’art à l’ère de la pandémie


La foire pour miser sur les jeunes talents

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La foire dédiées aux artistes émergents se dédouble sur Internet et maintient un programme international malgré la crise sanitaire

The Art Newspaper

Paris Internationale innove une fois de plus avec son concept de Supersalon


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