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Bridget Donahue

Bridget Donahue presents works by Austrian-born, New York-based artist Ulrike Müller. As a painter, Müller works with a concept of painting that is not restricted to brush and canvas. Her materials and formats include enamel on steel paintings, woven wool rugs, printmaking and other works on paper as well as publishing and curatorial projects. Müller considers image-making as a tool to dismantle the symbolic signage of collective, social histories. She has described her works as embodying “graphic concerns with negative space shifting toward painterly preoccupations.” Intimate in scale, the surfaces and textures portray curvilinear forms, reminiscent of the contours of the body. The use of color serves as an additional means of splicing and delineating, exuding a subtle sensuality and a re-assembly and re-contextualization of symbols and meaning.

For Paris Internationale, Bridget Donahue presents a selection of vitreous enamel paintings on steel, monotypes and a diptych of two woven rugs. The booth coincides with the opening of — and Müller’s participation in: Woven Histories: Textiles and Modern Abstraction an international transhistorical exhibition, curated by Lynne Cooke. Cooke’s thesis of Woven Histories “foregrounds a robust if over-looked strand in art history’s modernist narratives by tracing how, when, and why abstract art intersected with woven textiles over the past century. Woven Histories opened in September in at Los Angeles County Art Museum (LACMA) and will travel to the National Gallery of Art, Washington, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa and back to New York’s Museum of Modern Art in 2025.

Bridget Donahue’s eponymous gallery opened in February 2015 with an inaugural exhibition by artist Lynn Hershman Leeson, an early new media pioneer whose works frequently incorporate specifically-engineered nascent technologies. The gallery has continued to host solo exhibitions with multi-disciplinary artists who have simultaneously established themselves in parallel markets, such as: Susan Cianciolo, known as a fashion designer of the early 1990s label RUN; Jessi Reaves, a sculptor who blurs and explores distinctions between art object and functional furniture; John Russell, former BANK collaborator, curator, professor, writer; and Martine Syms, artist, writer, publisher, and filmmaker.


99 Bowery, 2nd Fl
New York, NY 10002

Bridget Donahue presents Ulrike Müller
Installation view, "Woven Histories: Textiles and Modern Abstraction", Los Angeles County Museum of Art. - © Courtesy Ulrike Müller and LACMA, Paris Internationale

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