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Magician Space

Magician Space was established in Beijing, China, in 2008.

Since its establishment, Magician Space has been a reflective participant in the contemporary art community. Focusing on artists’ individual practices, Magician Space seeks to provide artists with an experimental and open platform. Through in-depth research, it documents and studies contemporary artists’ works.

Magician Space strives to break down the existing boundaries of the art world. By creating an open space with fluid possibilities and a unique attitude, Magician Space offers the public a different experience of viewing, understanding, and participating in contemporary art.

798 Art Zone, 2 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Magician’s Space is proud to present the solo project of Chinese artist Yinping Hu at the International Exhibition Centre in Paris. There will be 35 handmade bikinis knitted by women in rural area for themselves or their families. Hu realised that most of the mothers, who live and work in small towns in Sichuan, have never leave far from their homes and seen the seaside. By inviting them to imagine the ocean, the mothers’ minds go beyond the distance their legs and bodies have reached.

This is the second phase of project “Xiaofang Hu” since 2015. It began when artist noticed that the woolen products knitted by her mother and other women in her hometown were being purchased cheaply by E-commerce, thus she fictionalized a company called “Xiaofang” to purchase the products at a reasonable price. Her aim was not only to reclaim the value and dignity of women’s labour, but also to invite them to open up their perception and imagination of their own lives by setting up different themes of their knitting.

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