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Galeria Jaqueline Martins

Founded in São Paulo in 2011, Galeria Jaqueline Martins is a space for research, documentation and presentation of contemporary artistic production. It proposes collaborative curatorial strategies that foster dialogue between different generations and different cultural perspectives. One of its guiding principles is the encouragement of research-oriented conceptualist practices characterised by critical, even subversive, approaches. Since its inauguration, the gallery has developed a special program around the investigation of artistic productions carried out during the Brazilian military period – more specifically from the 1970s and 1980s. It promotes a historical revision of processes grounded on strong intellectual resistance, audacity and commitment to art and which transformed the artistic practice in the country, but nonetheless were neglected throughout the last decades.

By integrating research and practice that confront the contemporary scene by means of its exhibition program, the gallery encourages the revival of the debate that conceives of artistic actions as contact zones for the exercise of aesthetic, social and political change. In 2020, the gallery opened its second exhibition space, in Brussels, aiming to expand our presence in Europe and to develop a multidisciplinary program that will foster connections between our artists and Brazilian art practices in an international context.

São Paulo
Rua Dr. Cesário Mota Junior, 443
01221 020 — São Paulo, Brasil

Rue aux Laines, 14
1000 — Brussels, Belgium

Represented artists:
Adriano Amaral
Ana Mazzei
André Parente
Bill Lundberg
Celia Hempton
Charbel-joseph H. Boutros
Daniel de Paula
Dudu Santos
Genilson Soares
Hudinilson Jr.
Ícaro Lira
Jota Mombaça
Juraci Dórea
Letícia Parente
Lia D Castro
Lydia Okumura
Maria Noujaim
Maria Thereza Alves
Martha Araújo
pedro frança
Philippe Van Snick
Rafael França
Regina Vater
Ricardo Basbaum
Robert Barry
Stuart Brisley
Victor Gerhard

Galeria Jaqueline Martins proudly presents the works of Jota Mombaça (born in 1991, Natal), Ana Mazzei (born in 1980, São Paulo) and Lia D Castro (born in 1978, São Paulo) for Paris Internationale 2023.

Their works challenge conventional boundaries and confront us with questions about identity, society, and the human experience. Committed to pushing the limits of artistic exploration, they offer us a profound exploration of the complex, multifaceted nature of contemporary existence.The convergence of their artistic narratives serves as a testament to the transformative power of art, capable of inspiring change, questioning norms, and nurturing meaningful dialogues.


Ana Mazzei’s work transcends conventional boundaries, blurring the lines between art, architecture, and landscape. Her works are narratives in themselves – fictions that weave together installations, settings, and objects. Some of the works operate on a smaller scale, such as the series of installations arranged on the floor formed by groups of small shapes made of felt, concrete or wood similar to the architectural models of old cities, amphitheaters or monuments. Beyond the formalist exercises, these floor objects invoke unidentified stories that suggest hidden and impenetrable archetypal structures - they are like pieces and fragments of myths, lives and fictions that are represented in paintings, videos, sculptures and installations.

Concha - © Paris Internationale
Ana Mazzei
Concha, —2023

Cedar, peroba mica, cold ceramics, oil paint and varnish
94 x 70 x 70 cm

Marionete Azul - © Paris Internationale
Ana Mazzei
Marionete Azul, —2023

Cedar, iron, oil paint and varnish
158 x 58 x 23 cm

Marionete Cactus - © Paris Internationale
Ana Mazzei
Marionete Cactus, 2023—2023

Cedar, iron, oil paint and varnish
123 x 88 x 23 cm

Cavalo - © Paris Internationale
Ana Mazzei
Cavalo, 2023

Bronze with patina
19 x 18 x 4,5 cm


Jota Mombaça is an interdisciplinary artist whose artistic practice traverses the realms of poetry, critical theory, queer studies, political intersectionality, anti-colonial justice, and the redistribution of violence. Mombaça defines themselves as a non-binary black bicha, born and raised in Natal, in the northeast of Brazil. Bicha is a Brazilian slang term used against gay men. For the artist, it is important to emphasize these definitions as forms of reappropriation of discriminatory terms in self-identification. The sonic and visual features of words play an essential role in relating decolonial and gender disobedience in their work and are often the point of departure for performances, performative readings, and workshops. In recent years, Mombaça has been investigating the relationship between monstrosity and humanity and the tensions between ethics, aesthetics, art, and politics in the knowledge productions of the global south.

Homing Instinct - © Paris Internationale
Jota Mombaça
Homing Instinct, 2023

Charcoal on notebook paper
41 x 30 cm

homing instinct #X - © Paris Internationale
Jota Mombaça
homing instinct #X, —2023

Charcoal on notebook paper

heat wave over the pacific (el niño) - © Paris Internationale
Jota Mombaça
heat wave over the pacific (el niño), —2023

Charcoal and pigment on canvas

Forever Uprooted - © Paris Internationale
Jota Mombaça
Forever Uprooted, 2023—2023

Charcoal and pigment on canvas
48 x 63 cm


Lia D Castro’s artistic practice offers an approach to art that goes beyond her own paintings, texts and installations. It encompasses the complexity of society, and seeks to build more meaningful and inclusive narratives and lived experiences that, prior to now, had not been represented in the works exhibited in museums and art galleries. Her paintings work as a mirror, implicating the viewer as witnesses in the stories they tell, of a series of relationships, related to race and visibility, identity and community, and capitalist structures that value profits more than human lives.

da série Axs Nossxs Filhxs - © Paris Internationale
Lia D Castro
da série Axs Nossxs Filhxs, —2023

Oil on canvas
146 x 185 cm

A minha libertade chora acima de você ou entre nós - © Paris Internationale
Lia D Castro
A minha libertade chora acima de você ou entre nós, 2017—2022

Oil, acrylic and graphite on canvas

A Travessia do Rubicão - © Paris Internationale
Lia D Castro
A Travessia do Rubicão, 2023—2023

A Travessio Do Rubicão
Oil on canvas
40 x 50 cm

Untitled - © Paris Internationale
Lia D Castro
Untitled, 2023—2023

Oil on canvas
40 x 30 cm

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