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Hagiwara Projects

HAGIWARA PROJECTS was established in Tokyo in January 2013. The gallery aims to present within an international framework both emerging Japanese/foreign artists as well as career artists whose
The artists introduced by the gallery have the sensitivity and energy to examine their own deepest questions and express them through their mediums, while taking into account the framework and context of contemporary art. We hope to introduce works that are not merely new in appearance, but that allow the viewer to connect with them in their depths.
The gallery produces 4-6 exhibitions per year, including solo exhibitions of its own artists and invited artists, curated group exhibitions. Currently represented artists include Miho Dohi, Shunsuke Imai, Maiko Jinushi, and Zak Prekop. In addition, the gallery has introduced foreign artists to the Japanese art scene, such as Joanna Piotrowska, Alain Biltereyst, and Josua Abelow.

1-13-6-1F Tokiwa, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0006 Japan

Hagiwara Projects - © Paris Internationale

KAITO Itsuki, Nana Matsumoto, Emi Mizukami
“Fungal Fugue” at Paris Internationale 2023

HAGIWARA PROJECTS is pleased to announce the group show ‘Fungal Fugue’ by three artists: KAITO Itsuki, Nana Matsumoto, and Emi Mizukami, at Paris Internationale 2023.
The three artists, gathered through Mizukami’s initial interest in Aby Warburg, a historian of art who collected and independently systematized a variety of patterns from different cultures and times to create an image map, share a common approach in creating their works by collecting and referencing multiple motifs from external sources while employing different formats. The title of this show, ‘Fungal Fugue,’ represents the shared artistic essence of the three, where images organically interconnect like fungi while sometimes leaping in meaning and interpretation.

Hagiwara Projects - © Paris Internationale

Emi Mizukami

Born in 1992, Tokyo. Lives and works in Tokyo. Graduated with a BA in Oil Painting from Tama Art University in 2017. Recent solo exhibitions include “And so it goes” Larder (2023, Los Angeles), “So it goes” 4649 (2022, Tokyo), “Dear sentiment” TOKAS Hongo (2021, Tokyo), “Paintings for stranger” TOKAS Hongo (2020, Tokyo). Recent group exhibitions include “VOCA” The Ueno Royal Museum (2022, Tokyo), “Letters, Lights, Travels on the Street curated by Jeffrey Ian Rosen” Nowhere (2022, New York), “4649 at Pina” Pina (2020, Vienna), “LOOP HOLE 15th Anniversary Exhibition” LOOP HOLE (2020, Tokyo).

“if the Accident Will, ”
Acrylic paint, charcoal pencil, sand paste, desert sand, linen on canvas
164 x 132 cm (64.6 x 52 inches)

KAITO Itsuki

Born in 1993, Hokkaido, Japan. Lives and works in Tokyo. MFA Kyoto city university of arts (KCUA), Painting Department, Kyoto, Japan in 2019. Recent solo exhibitions include “The Elastic Edges” Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery (2023, Tokyo), “The Monopolistic Sweet Spots” MAMOTH (2022, London), “No excuses for showing up” LEESAYA (2022, Tokyo), “In search of…” 14a (2020, Hamburg). Recent group exhibitions include “CARE PACKAGE” Blue Velvet Project (2023, Zurich), “The Tale of Tales”, G Museum (2022, Nanjing), “’Temple’ curated by Michael Kennedy”, Seventh Gallery (2022, Melbourne).

“Feeding Bird (Green circle)”
oil on canvas
53 x 45.5 cm (20.9 x 17.9 inches)

KAITO Itsuki "untitled" 2023 oil on canvas, 53 x 45 cm - © KAITO Itsuki, Paris Internationale
Hagiwara Projects - © Paris Internationale

Nana Matsumoto

Born in 1986, Chiba prefecture, lives and works in Kanagawa. Tokyo Zokei University of Arts,M.A. in Fine Arts in 2010. Solo exhibitions include “Polyonymous” LOOP HOLE (2022, Tokyo), “Multiple Elements” gallery valuer (2013, Aichi prefecture). Group exhibitions include “Metomato” Artist-run space Merdre (2021, Tokyo), “Steering along with tempo of rain” Akibatamabi21 / 3331 Arts Chiyoda (2020, Tokyo), “Robo No Kaiga” Art-Lab Hashimoto (2015, Kanagawa), “Field of Painting” Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Ueno (2014, Tokyo).

“Window condensation”
Canvas, cotton, acrylic, chain, insects in amber
45.0 x 38.0 cm (17.7 x 15.0 inches)

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