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von ammon co

von ammon co is the only contemporary art gallery of its kind in washington dc. embedded within a constantly charged context, the gallery’s mission is to represent a countercultural position aloof from the pressures of more primary art cities in the united states, and seeks to respond more to the contours of the nation’s nerve center than of the art market. the gallery’s program focuses almost entirely on sculpture and new media, with the overall goal of forming connective tissue between the cultural upheavals of the late 80’s with those of the moment. with 3,330 square feet of exhibition space, the gallery is able to mount major exhibitions, and has become a commons for the artists, curators and collectors in the nation’s capital.

von ammon co was founded in 2019 in its current location in Georgetown. Gallery hours are 12-6pm on Saturday and Sunday, and by appointment. For more information and image requests, please email

3330 Cady’s Alley NW
Washington DC 20007

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