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Ginsberg Galeria

Ginsberg is a contemporary art gallery, based in Lima, Peru. The gallery, founded in 2016 by Claudia Pareja, opened its doors with the mission of exhibiting contemporary artists in a context of critical dialogue and intellectual rigor. Our program has been designed around the premises of conceptualism, research, and innovation, with a special interest in preserving and understanding regional differences. Inspired by art’s capacity of building bridges and shortening frontiers, Ginsberg aspires to be a platform where emerging and well-established artists can continue to create freely, broadening discourses and presenting innovative ideas.

Av. Santa Cruz #1068
Lima 15074

Maria Abaddon Peruvian contemporary artist presents soft sculptures and textile pieces with Ginsberg Gallery at Paris Internationale - © Courtesy Ginsberg Gallery, Paris Internationale

Maria Abaddon
Cronenberg’s lunchbox, 2022
Textile and wood
170 x 200 cm

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