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ROH Projects

ROH is a gallery initiated in 2014 that aims to serve the Indonesian art ecosystem by building a consistent local program, while simultaneously fostering a broader, borderless dialogue. ROH has played a more nomadic role in the past couple of years while building its new permanent space, exploring unconventional presentations for artists in dynamic temporal settings and situations. In 2022, ROH has moved into its new permanent space in Jalan Surabaya 66, Jakarta, carefully reconsidering a colonial mid-century house into a flexible space for contemporary art.

Jalan Surabaya 66
Jakarta 10310

Davy Linggar

ROH presents Davy Linggar’s solo presentation, Cut,
at the latest edition of AAAHHH!!! Paris Internationale.

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Davy Linggar is a
multidisciplinary artist
whose practice
blurs boundaries between painting,
drawing, photography,
and video to capture
and express contemporary
Indonesian culture
from diverse perspectives
as well as methodologies.

Flood - © Paris Internationale
Davy Linggar
Flood, 2022

Mixed media on paper
20 x 25 cm

While often insistently refuting
the reducibility of his work
to linguistic explication,
Linggar’s works seem to
successfully synthesize
abstract ebbs and flows
of cultural movements
around him into
a visual juxtaposition of fragments.
The intention behind his paintings
is not rooted in a desire
to control that which he attempts
to interpret in his painting,
but rather to attempt
to understand the connection
between himself
and the intuitive associations
he has with
certain memories
related to moments in
time and space in his work.

Situated inside Nadar’s old Parisian
photography studio,
Linggar exhibits a number of works,
including paintings, drawings, photographs,
and a video work presented dispersed
on two opposite walls.
Linggar’s paintings depict artificial,
man-made structures that attempt
in some ways to mimic their surrounding
natural environments.
These works are placed in relation
to paintings and drawings which are
much more personal,
intimate settings that relate to domestic,
more quotidian circumstances.
Davy also shows a video work
of a clock pendulum
moving at different speeds
as if time is changing
throughout the presentation
in an elastic manner.

Davy Linggar, Then (2022). Oil on canvas. 40 x 30 cm. - © Courtesy of the artist and ROH., Paris Internationale
Davy Linggar
Then, 2022

Oil on canvas
40 x 30 cm

As opposed to developing
a more rigid series of works
with clearly delineated
thematic explorations,
Linggar instead considers
the presentations of his work
to act as an attempt to
further develop and build upon
his own aesthetic lexicon.

ROH Projects - © Paris Internationale
Artist Biography

Davy Linggar (b. 1974, Jakarta, Indonesia)
works in a manner that interweaves
the practice of painting,
photography, video, and installation.
Blurring the boundaries between mediums,
as well as investigating confluences
in culture around him,
Linggar depicts both the intimacy
and vibrancy of the human condition.

He has exhibited his works in photographs,
drawings, paintings, and installations
throughout a number of exhibitions such as
Art Jakarta (2022) with ROH;
1 (2022) at ROH,
Jakarta, Indonesia;
Last Words (2021) at ROH,
Jakarta, Indonesia;
Art Basel Hong Kong (2021);
Art Jakarta Virtual (2020-2021);
iso (2020)
at AAAAHHH!!! Paris Internationale,
Paris, France;
Artjog 10: Changing Perspective (2017),
Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia;
After Utopia, Revisiting The Ideal
in Asian Contemporary Art (2015),
Singapore Art Museum, Singapore;
Pink Swing Park at CP Biennale (2005),
in collaboration with Agus Suwage,
Jakarta, Indonesia;
11th Asian Art Biennale (2004),
Dhaka, Bangladesh.
His solo exhibitions include Film (2015),
The Papilion, Jakarta, Indonesia;
Sketch, Photo, Image (2008),
ArkGalerie, Jakarta, Indonesia;
and Black & White (1999),
Gallery Cahya, Jakarta, Indonesia.

ROH Projects - © Paris Internationale
Artist CV

Click here to download the artist’s latest curriculum vitae

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